3 Wedding Band Types to Consider

The way we see it, your wedding band should be taken as seriously as that glistening engagement ring on your finger, but picking a band that complements that eye catching rock isn’t as straightforward as many people think. The key is considering the different band types and then choosing one that’s perfect for you, the attitude you want to exude and your taste in bridal bling. Here are some details about three of the most popular wedding band types for couples in the Knoxville TN area.

Curved/Notched Wedding Bands

A curved wedding band represents the ideal type for a solitaire engagement ring, as this style fits around the engagement ring to frame it and ultimately make it appear more formidable by injecting it with width and sparkle. Similarly, a notched wedding band, instead of curving round the outer edge of an engagement ring, boasts a band with a small center dip, allowing it to remain flush beneath the center stone. To achieve maximum bling, a curved wedding band can be added on the two sides of an engagement ring for a crowd stopping trifecta.

Chevron Wedding Bands

Ask any fashion forward thinking lady, especially one that’s just gotten recently engaged; pear cut and marquise stones are guaranteed conversation starters with regards to engagement rings. As such, a chevron wedding band, exhibiting a pointed V shape, mimics the fashionista esque feel of these styles; this type of band can be worn with pear engagement rings in a nesting style, or can be turned around so that the V shape is facing outward.

Pave Wedding Bands

One of our favorite ways to pair a wedding band with a halo engagement ring is by way of a pave style, and this is a great option if you are looking to achieve the ultimate in sparkle status. We always recommend pave styles to customers trying to pick a wedding band if they’re looking for a timeless choice, and they’re flattering for most ring types.

Some Closing Thoughts About Ring Enhancers

Ring enhancers (sometimes referred to as ring wraps or ring guards) create the illusion that you are wearing dual wedding bands, one on both sides of your engagement ring, when in reality, this approach elicits a one piece design with an open center that snuggles around an engagement ring like the proverbial puzzle piece. BW James Jewelers of Knoxville TN offers enhancers with engagement rings as a wedding package set, with ring enhancers available for all kinds of settings and cuts.

When wedding bands are on your list of bridal shopping priorities, look no further than BW James Jewelers in Knoxville. We have tons of experience with helping couples find the perfect wedding bands and we’d love to help you too.

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