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Carizza Engagement Rings at BW James Jewelers

The Carizza Collection is synonymous with stunning bridal jewelry. It's called 'a passionate touch' for a reason and Carizza engagement rings bring passion to every piece. Each ring is meticulously designed with attention to details and a flair for the dramatic. At BW James Jewelers, we offer Carizza and halo style rings that will take your breath away. Each piece is made of 18 karat gold. Our prominent center stones reflect flares of light that catch off of the array of smaller accenting diamonds. This creates a sparkling halo effect, drawing every eye in the room to the ring finger.

Carizza and Halo Rings at BW James Jewelers

Halo rings are an extremely popular style for both engagement and wedding bands. This classic design has been glittering on women's fingers since they first became popular in the 1920s. This look is more classic than vintage and will never look outdated thanks to its time-tested, universal appeal.

What is it about these rings that makes them so popular? Two words: the shine. Because they have so many-faceted stones integrated into the band's design, they create a big visual impact. Some styles have the halo directly around the center stone. You can even find rings with stacked bands of halos, offering a truly spectacular amount of glitter and shine. Others incorporate the halo into the band itself, creating a more diffuse, but still bright look. White gold is a perennial favorite for halo rings but other trendy choices are available including rose gold.

Find Your Wedding or Engagement Ring in Cleveland, TN

Come to our store in Cleveland, TN close to Chattanooga and our knowledgeable and skilled sales associates will guide you to your new Carizza halo engagement ring. We will work with you to find the right piece to fit your personal style and budget. We offer everything from modern minimalism to big, bold, ornate designs. At BW James Jewelers, we have more than 60 years' experience helping couples choose the perfect ring. Come by our store to see the dazzling collection in person.

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