How long has BW James been around?
We have been family owned since 1948, and have held thousands with their engagement and jewelry needs. We are proud to serve the Cleveland and Chattanooga area.  
Do you have a warranty?
Yes, we offer a free limited lifetime warranty.* This covers loss side or accent diamonds, prong tightening, cleaning, sizing, upgrades and more.
Do you really offer free shipping on all orders?
Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders! And for engagement rings we offer free 2nd day shipping.
What if I do not know the best finger size?
No need to worry, just order our stock size and we will size the ring for free after you give it. And will even pay for the shipping.
How do I know I am getting a high quality diamond?
BW James hand picks all of our diamonds to ensure you only get the highest quality diamonds and the best value for money. We do not sell lab created diamonds or very poor quality diamonds. Better yet all of our larger diamonds come with a GIA or AGS or other LAB report.  
What about shipping and delivery?
Shipping is free and fast with BW James. Your package will be fully insured and shipped to you UPS 2nd day. Many of our rings can ship out within a few days, however if your ring is custom made or made to order it can take 3-4 weeks. We also offer free instore pickup.
Are all your diamonds the real deal ?
All of our diamonds are up to millions of years old and ethically mined from the earth.
Can I custom make my engagement ring ?

Yes, we can custom make your dream engagement ring with our state of the art 3D CAD design.

How are your prices so good ?

We are a member of one of the largest jewelry buying groups in the country. We buy dirct to skip the middle man and pass the savings along to you.

What is a semi mount ?

A semi mount is a engagement ring setting, every diamond except the center stone is comes with the ring. You get to select your own center stone to fit your budget.

Do you offer payment plans ?

We do! We have many payment plans to help you purchase the ring of your dreams. See our financing page for more info.

Do you do jewelry repair ?

We do! We have a master jeweler onsite for your jewelry repair needs.