Vintage engagement and wedding rings offer brides and grooms the chance to have a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of crafted jewelry. BW James Jewelers in Knoxville TN, specializes in specialty bridal jewelry. If you are searching for vintage rose gold engagement rings, come into our shop and explore our hand-picked selection.

Rose gold is a unique blend of 24 carat gold with silver and copper. The color of rose gold varies depending on the ratio of copper to pure gold. With more gold, you will get light pink, while with more copper, you will get a deeper rose color. Vintage rose gold engagement rings can range from champagne pink to a reddish pink.

vintage rose gold engagement rings

Faberge created rose gold for his Faberge Eggs. It was initially called Russian Gold. After that, it was made popular in the United States by Cartier. This romantic and feminine color has long been associated with bridal jewelry and has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Today, rose gold is popular with stars and designers alike due to its glamorous and sensual color.

Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings for All

BW James stocks a variety of vintage rose gold engagement rings. They range in style from art deco to traditional. They also come with and without gemstones. We have many rose gold engagement rings with diamonds but have other gem settings as well. Rose gold engagement rings are even more gorgeous in person, so you should come to our showroom to try a few on.

Rose gold has the added benefit of being beautiful on practically all skin types. Due to its copper and silver alloy mix, it is more durable than yellow gold. Rose gold is also popular in men’s jewelry, like rings, cuff links and chains.

If you are searching for unique or vintage bridal jewelry, our experts at BW James Jewelers can help you find the perfect vintage rose gold engagement ring. We offer an extensive range of vintage rose gold pieces ranging from traditional to modern. Come visit our jewelry stores in Cleveland or Farragut today and walk away with that perfect engagement ring.

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