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Chattanooga TN is a gem nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and this town holds a jewel of its own. BW James Jewelers is a jewelry store near Chattanooga TN that has been dazzling couples for years with our wide selection of glittering engagement rings and wedding bands. When you picture your perfect ring, what do you think about? It’s probably diamonds! How much do you know about the world’s most fabulous and romantic jewel?

A Buyer’s Guide to Diamonds

Diamonds come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. With this much variety, shopping for one can get confusing. The Four C’s of diamonds helps you make a decision by classifying these stones in four ways.

Color. Color is one of the things you notice at a glance when looking at a diamond. While many people choose a classic white diamond as the central stone, you can play with color by choosing accent diamonds in different hues.

Cut. The diamond’s cut gives it the stone’s distinctive sparkle. The most popular is the round cut, which gives a brilliant glitter to the gem. For wedding bands, choose a diamond cut to complement the engagement ring.

Carat. Carat is the size and weight of the stone. Large, solid diamonds are relatively rare so a higher carat commands a higher price.

Clarity. All natural diamonds have some degree of imperfections, often not visible to the naked eye. The appearance of these can be minimized by careful selection of color and cut.

Diamond Wedding Bands at BW James Jewelers

Have you been searching jewelry stores near Chattanooga TN for that perfect ring? Look no further than BW James Jewelers. We have one of the region’s finest selections of diamond engagement ring and wedding bands. Come by our store and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect diamond for your perfect day.

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