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Diamonds are one of the most sought-after gemstones in the jewelry world for a good reason: nothing else can quite capture their sparkle and classic beauty that’s as unique as the person wearing it. When you buy a diamond engagement ring near me, you’re showing off a timeless, forever kind of love. Here’s what you need to know to decide between all the different styles, shapes, and metals that are available:

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The Engagement Ring Style

The style is one of the most important elements to a diamond engagement ring. Think about the woman who will be wearing it. Is she sporty and would prefer a minimalist style? Does she have a flair for the dramatic and would love an eye-catching piece that sparkles from every angle? The right diamond ring will compliment its wearer and suit her lifestyle.

The Diamond Shape

Diamonds can be cut into many different shapes, each one with its own unique characteristics. Round center stones are the most popular for engagement rings. These can be accented with sparkling bands of halo diamonds or colorful stones like sapphires in the band. Another popular choice is the cushion cut diamond engagement ring which combines old world elegance with serious sparkle.

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The Engagement Ring Band Metal

White or yellow gold are two of the most popular choices for engagement rings with platinum close behind. Many rings now combine multiple metals together on the same band. For instance, a white gold band may be paired with a warm rose gold accent. This can be especially striking when combined with colored gems.

Diamond Jewelry at BW James

BW James Jewelers, located near Chattanooga TN, is one of the Mid South’s premier dealers in diamond engagement rings. We carry a wide range of styles including traditional, halo rings, and more. Visit our jewelry store near Chattanooga today to experience our collection in person.

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